Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

The department offers degrees in Kinesiology and Sport Management.  Several tracks are offered for students who are interested in a career in these fields. All students majoring in the department are assigned an advisor in accordance with their career choice.

The curricula offer opportunities to obtain professional preparation for careers such as sport managers, clinical and applied exercise physiologists, exercise scientists, recreational leaders (in non-school agencies), sports marketing professionals and athletic administrators. The department also provides academic preparation for students interested in athletic training and medical related professional schools, (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, physicians’ assistant, or medicine).

In addition to undergraduate degrees, the department offers the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Departmental Advising

Because of the wide variety of careers in Kinesiology and Sport Management and the difference in course requirements for each, it is essential for students to take advantage of the advising opportunities offered by the department. Students are assigned to an academic advisor in accordance with their degree choice and are encouraged to consult with their advisor on course sequencing and timing for completion of degree plan requirements. It is recommended for students to declare career intentions early so appropriate coursework may be planned. All undergraduate advising matters are handled by the advisors in the department’s Advising Office. Information concerning entrance to professional schools in health-related fields is available from the Office of Professional School Advising.

Students are encouraged to become engaged in professional organizations and extracurricular activities that afford opportunities for involvement in their respective professions.