Geographic Information Science and Technology - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Geography

This 5-year program combines our bachelor of science in Geographic Information Science and Technology with our thesis-based master of science in geography, providing a fast track to an advanced degree. Intended for the highly motivated, exceptional students with an interest in research, this accelerated program provides students with rigorous and modern-day skills in GIS, combined with specialized expertise in human geography, physical geography, and human-environment interactions. In addition to preparing students to succeed in private industry, the public sector, education, and many other opportunities available to geographers, the thesis-based master of science degree also provides for career options in research, including doctoral programs in geography and many other related disciplines.

Application and Eligibility

  • Applications to the combined program will be submitted by June 15 after the completion of the student’s junior year, after 90 hours of coursework are completed. Applications submitted after that time will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students must identify a faculty member from Geography who is willing to serve as the advisor and chair of the thesis committee.
  • The bachelor’s and master’s degrees will be conferred concurrently after completion of 150 hours, and satisfying their master’s requirements which include successfully defending their thesis.
  • Students not admitted to or wishing to discontinue the graduate portion of the 5-year program will earn their bachelor of science degree in GIST after successfully completing 120 hours of coursework.