Master of Land and Property Development and Master of Urban Planning Combined Degree Program

The Master of Land and Property Development (MLPD), administered by the College of Architecture, is an entrepreneurship-oriented program of study which combines business and finance with physical planning, design and construction. The MLPD program dissolves the boundaries between planning, construction and environmental issues and between finance, accounting and market issues. However, through rigorous training in due diligence, site analysis, entitlements, project management, and market and financial analysis, graduates become uniquely prepared for the real-world.

The Master of Urban Planning (MUP) equips students with knowledge and skills to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges inherent in the development, growth and culture of neighborhoods, cities, and regions, is based on theoretical training in the natural, physical, and social sciences. Students acquire skills that enable them to apply these theories to develop communities, cities, and regions which are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized for problem-solving at the community and regional scale. Classroom service-learning experiences enable graduates to more reliably and realistically assess complex community problems, design solutions for overcoming those problems, and evaluate the outcomes of programs and policies in meeting community and regional needs.

The combined degree allows students to complete both programs more quickly than they would if taken separately. Students completing both degrees will be trained from both public and private sector perspectives on urban growth and development. They will be assets to agencies and firms engaged in master-planning and development services.