Cultural Discourse Requirements

Students are required to complete three (3) semester credit hours from the courses listed.

AFST 201Introduction to Africana Studies3
AFST 327/PERF 327Popular Musics in the African Diaspora3
AFST 338/COMM 338Critical Race Discourse3
ANTH 210Social and Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 301Indians of North America3
ANTH 324/MUSC 324Music in World Cultures3
ANTH 404/WGST 404Women and Culture3
ARTS 234Body Art of Tattoos3
ARTS 339Themes in Contemporary Art3
ARTS 349The History of Modern Art3
CARC 101Cultural and Social Issues in the Natural, Built and Virtual Environment3
COMM 257/RELS 257Communication, Religion and the Arts3
COMM 338/AFST 338Critical Race Discourse3
COMM 343Communication and Cultural Discourse3
COMM 346Media, Culture and Identity3
DCED 301Dance History3
ENGL 211/INTS 211Foundations in Cultural Studies3
ENGL 350Twentieth-Century Literature to World War II3
ENGL 378The British Novel, 1870 to Present.3
ENGR 482/PHIL 482Ethics and Engineering3
FILM 215/INTS 215Global Cinema3
FILM 376/PHIL 376Philosophy, Film and Evil3
GEOG 205Environmental Change3
GEOS 110Disasters and Society3
HLTH 342Human Sexuality3
INST 222Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society3
INTS 211/ENGL 211Foundations in Cultural Studies3
INTS 215/FILM 215Global Cinema3
LMAS 201Introduction to Latino/Mexican American Studies3
MARA 373Personnel Management3
MAST 226Museums, Law and Ethics3
MAST 340Museums and the Construction of Identities3
MUSC 222Music of the Americas3
MUSC 324/ANTH 324Music in World Cultures3
NURS 421Care of Community Health Clients5
NURS 464Health Promotion Across the Lifespan for the RN3
PERF 223Aesthetics of Activism3
PERF 301Performance in World Cultures3
PERF 326Dance and Identity in the United States3
PERF 327/AFST 327Popular Musics in the African Diaspora3
PERF 386Evolution of the American Musical3
PHIL 111Contemporary Moral Issues3
PHIL 282Ethics in a Digital Age3
PHIL 376/FILM 376Philosophy, Film and Evil3
PHIL 482/ENGR 482Ethics and Engineering3
RELS 202Religion in America3
RELS 257/COMM 257Communication, Religion and the Arts3
SCSC 201Great Plains Settlement and Farming3
SOCI 207/WGST 207Introduction to Gender and Society3
SOCI 217Introduction to Race and Ethnicity3
SOCI 240Tourism, Culture and Place3
SOCI 319/SPMT 319Sociology of Sport3
SPMT 304Sport Psychology Management and Practice3
SPMT 319/SOCI 319Sociology of Sport3
THAR 156Dress in World Cultures3
URPN 240More Than Monuments: Preservation as Social Justice3
VTPB 303Medical Communication in the International Community3
WGST 200Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGST 207/SOCI 207Introduction to Gender and Society3
WGST 404/ANTH 404Women and Culture3

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