Telecommunication Media Studies - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Communication

The combined 5-year Bachelor-Master program provides a direct pathway for BS TCMS majors to transition seamlessly into the MA COMM program thereby earning both degrees in five or fewer years.

This program begins each fall semester. Interested students will apply for the combined program in the spring of the junior year and must have two full undergraduate terms remaining at the time of application. Accepted students will take one graduate course in each of the senior semesters while they complete the undergraduate coursework and will even be permitted to apply six hours of advanced undergraduate credit toward the master’s program.  These students will then complete the MA in two 12-hour semesters. Academic advisors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will guide students through the process every step of the way.  The combined option increases students’ opportunities to learn and grow while they are here at Texas A&M University. By allowing students additional time to pursue more advanced classes, they have increased opportunities to take advantage of the rich options our department has to offer.

This is a great choice for the many students who come to Texas A&M University with credit by examination, dual credit, and community college credit. The additional year for this program gives these particular students who would otherwise graduate in just two or three years, the time to become involved in student organizations, to take on leadership positions in the university, to pursue career path-altering internships, to participate in our study abroad programs, to collaborate with faculty and graduate students in their research projects, and to compete for fellowships and admission into other Texas A&M programs that can expand their horizons. A Master’s degree is value-added and this degree will offer both our students and our faculty opportunities to cultivate stronger mentoring relationships, which often broaden students’ horizons and expand their career interests.