Marketing - BBA, Strategic Retailing Track

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing prepares students to work effectively in corporate and nonprofit organizations that are part of a global economy. Marketing students will be proficient in marketing analytics, digital marketing, customer experience management, creativity, and brand management.

The BBA Marketing (MKTG) Strategic Retailing track offers students interested in retail several opportunities for building skills specific to this career path and for networking with retailing professionals.  In addition to taking retail courses, students can attend professional conferences, and participate in regional and national retailing campaign competitions.

The BBA MKTG Strategic Retailing track supplements the degree by tailoring directed elective courses and building specific retailing skills. Also, it provides recruiters with a means of identifying top students interested in retailing. Students who complete the BBA MKTG Strategic Retailing degree program are well-prepared for careers in management, merchandising, retail financial planning, and marketing. Completion of the program provides tangible evidence of commitment to and expertise in retailing.  Students expecting to declare their upper-level major in Marketing with the Strategic Retailing track must meet the requirements.

The Center for Retailing Studies is a nationally known and respected center that is part of the Department of Marketing in Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. The Center is a bridge between the academic and business community, and serves students, faculty, and partner firms in a variety of ways, one of which is the Strategic Retailing track of the BBA in Marketing. 

Upper-Level Entry Requirements

Admission to the upper-level major of marketing (MKTG) requires satisfactory completion of specific coursework. To review requirements and application procedures see Upper-Level Entry Requirements and Application Procedures.