Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications

The Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications is a campus based degree program and a specialized, research-oriented degree. The program prepares individuals for university faculty positions, opportunities in natural resource management, extension education, international development, public and corporate leadership roles in education, and many other professional careers in agriculture and life sciences. Coursework gives the candidate a thorough and comprehensive knowledge in the field of study and methods of research. 

A student entering with a Master’s degree must complete 64 credit hours, and a student with a baccalaureate degree must complete 96 credit hours. Students pursuing the PhD may choose to complete a maximum of 12 credit hours of coursework in supporting areas closely aligned to their research interests and professional goals.  

All students in this program must complete a residence requirement. More information about this residency requirement can be found on the Additional Requirements tab

In addition to the program requirements required by the Graduate and Professional School, each student is recommended to complete four courses as part of their degree program to gain content knowledge and skills. 

Information regarding our programs and the application process may be obtained from the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications website

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program