Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

A student holding a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in engineering or a qualified senior during the last semester may apply for admission to graduate studies to work toward the non-thesis degree of Master of Engineering (MEng), majoring in their particular field of engineering.

The Systems Engineering discipline is focused on the successful realization of engineered systems. The scope of systems engineering spans the entire system life cycle, from earliest conception through system retirement. The work in the major field will include one or two written reports (not necessarily involving results of research conducted by the candidate).

The Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering provides students with the latest cross-disciplinary concepts, tools and skills in systems engineering. These skills are essential for the design, integration, operation, and maintenance of large-scale engineered systems in the government, military and civil industries. The Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering program will prepare students for careers in all aspects of systems engineering while allowing them to tailor their academic program for depth in a particular industry or skill type.