Telecommunication Media Studies - BA

Students with a passion for media, choose the Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication Media Studies (TCMS).  The BA in TCMS features a broad, liberal arts approach to media topics and is supported by classwork from across the College of Arts and Sciences, and beyond. The BA in TCMS requires study in communication technology skills, technology and communication, media history, research methods and media theory, and then branches out to permit choices among a number of TCMS electives in communication, film studies, journalism and business. The BA is a flexible, liberal arts, media-oriented degree and is supported by study of a foreign language.

Coursework for incoming Freshmen begins with a dedicated first semester experience which introduces them to the breadth of the field of Communication and of Media while also involving them in small groups and acquainting them with Texas A&M University, our resources and our opportunities.  We also welcome Transfer students, meeting them where they are and integrating them into the Communication family.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunication Media Studies serves well in a broad variety of careers. Our students may become social media experts, online marketers, broadcasters, producers, film makers, digital media specialists, industry leaders, government regulators, spokespeople, politicians, writers, artists, activists, and informed citizens. The curriculum is designed to educate citizens for a productive future in an ever-changing world, preparing students for media-related positions in business, government, non-profit organizations, and higher education.

TCMS-BA students will select a minor. They have the option to select a certificate in Global Media, Health Communication, Leadership and Conflict Management, Social Media, Strategic Communication or Communication, Diversity and Social Justice.