Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science and Technology

Graduate degrees in Food Science and Technology are administered by the Graduate Faculty of Food Science within the Department of Food Science and Technology in accordance with all relevant policies and procedures of Texas A&M University. 

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is offered and may be obtained through an appropriate course of study, completion of research or other requirements, successful completion of university-directed administrative procedures, and successful defense of the dissertation. Students may pursue fundamental and/or translational (i.e. applied) research in the areas of food chemistry, products processing, food microbiology and safety including probiotic microbiology, engineering and rheology, food packaging, ingredients technology, meat or poultry science, cereals science and processing, plant bioactives, sensory analysis, etc. A process of research or study will be outlined by the student with guidance from the student’s graduate advisory committee membership.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program