Master of Clinical Nutrition in Clinical Nutrition

The Master of Clinical Nutrition (MCN) degree is designed to provide a high-quality education and a variety of supervised practice experiences to prepare students to be effective registered dietitian nutritionists. The program integrates knowledge gained in coursework with intensive training in professional settings to help grow the student into a competent professional. The MCN Program meets the accreditation standards of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) for dietetic internship programs.

Qualified candidates must have completed an ACEND-accredited dietetics curriculum that provides foundation knowledge in dietetics.  Students are required to complete the core curriculum in nutrition which includes the courses in nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, and statistics at the College Station campus. Additionally, students are required to complete supervised practice and research activities that address ACEND competencies for dietetic internship programs. Supervised practice activities may be completed in the following cities in Texas: College Station, Temple, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Upon successful completion of the MCN Program, students are eligible to take the credentialing exam for a registered dietitian nutritionist.