Chemistry - BA

The Bachelor of Arts program, through the availability of a generous number of electives, gives the student a firm and broadly-based foundation in chemistry, with the option of pursuing other educational objectives involving specialization in at least one other field in depth. This objective is accomplished by means of the BA program flexibility and by the inclusion of a minor area of study in another discipline. Additional elective hours allow further diversification.

The BA degree offers somewhat more flexibility than the BS program, in terms of tailoring a program of study that combines chemistry with an interest in subject areas such as biochemistry, biology, business, computer science, education, forensics, medicine or physics. Although the BA program may in any specific case turn out to be a somewhat less technical curriculum, it meets the needs of many students who plan to use chemistry as a springboard to a career in chemical sales, marketing, law, technical writing, teaching at a pre-college level, science journalism, etc., to name only a few possibilities.

A BA degree in Chemistry coupled with a minor in Biology, or completion of a biological chemistry track, is excellent preparation for a variety of careers in the health-related disciplines. In particular, a BA degree in Chemistry is excellent and proven preparation for medical and dental schools, and affords the superior student the opportunity to maintain flexibility for a broad spectrum of medical or dental careers.

Although not required for the BA program, abundant research opportunities are available to students. The BA program also permits and encourages non-technical elective courses.