Ecology and Conservation Biology - BS, Teaching Track

The Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University provides advanced educational opportunities to prepare students for careers in the science and stewardship of biological diversity, ecosystems and their services, and the biosphere. Our undergraduate and graduate degrees in Ecology and Conservation Biology emphasize fundamental ecological knowledge and its application to biodiversity conservation, environmental health, and management of complex systems, involving diverse aspects of ecology, ranging from genes to ecosystems and microcosms to the entire biosphere. ECCB is home to more than 70 experts and 400 students, representing a community of scholars working to understand nature, to conserve our natural resources, and to maintain the health and services of natural and human-dominated systems that sustain our communities.

Teaching Track

This track consists of a major in Ecology and Conservation Biology and a minor in Education, to meet all course requirements to prepare student to take the teaching certification exam. After passing the teaching certification exam, graduates are certified teach middle school science courses and high school life science courses. This track was developed to meet the increasing demand for science teachers in Texas middle and high schools.