Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) Graduate Program is an interdepartmental program of study. Focusing on cross-disciplinary education and training in the biomedical sciences and the numerous associated domains of research, the faculty teach and mentor students in fields that have a critical mass of faculty, exceptional productivity, and international recognition.  These areas of research strength include:

  • Biomedical Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Infection, Immunity and Epidemiology
  • Physiology and Developmental Biology

There are two MS options available from which a student may choose: the thesis concentration and the non-thesis concentration. The Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a thesis concentration provides an academic and research experience that educates students within the context of cross-disciplinary knowledge and prepares students to excel in a research career in areas as diverse as academia, government, industry, and others. A Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a non-thesis concentration has a curriculum designed for students who wish to gain academic preparation beyond the undergraduate degree before entering a professional program of study or employment in human or animal healthcare.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous or synchronous distance education technology.

Additional details, including information about the admissions process, can be found on the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) Graduate Program webpage.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program