Chemical Engineering - BS

Chemical engineers are concerned with the application of knowledge gained from basic sciences and practical experience to the development, design, operation and management of plants and processes for economical and safe conversion of chemical raw materials to useful products. Because chemical engineering is the most broadly based of all engineering disciplines, the chemical engineer is in great demand in diverse technical and supervisory areas in a wide variety of industries and has consistently commanded one of the highest starting salaries of all college graduates.

In addition to dominating the extensive chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries, for which Qatar and the rest of the Middle East are one of the world’s leading regions, chemical engineers are leaders in such areas as food and pharmaceutical processing, biochemical and biomedical engineering, pollution control and abatement, polymers and plastics, ceramics and other advanced materials, corrosion, automation and instrumentation, aerospace materials, computer technology and data processing, safety, environmental control, and many others.

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The freshman year is identical for degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering. The freshman year is slightly different for chemical engineering in that students take CHEM 119 or CHEM 107/CHEM 117 and CHEM 120. It is recognized that many students will change the sequence and number of courses taken in any semester. Deviations from the prescribed course sequence, however, should be made with care to ensure that prerequisites for all courses are met.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
CHEM 107
CHEM 117
General Chemistry for Engineering Students
and General Chemistry for Engineering Students Laboratory 1,2
ENGL 104 Composition and Rhetoric 1 3
ENGR 102 Engineering Lab I - Computation 1 2
MATH 151 Engineering Mathematics I 1,3 4
University Core Curriculum 4 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
CHEM 120 Fundamentals of Chemistry II 1,2 4
ENGR 216/PHYS 216 Experimental Physics and Engineering Lab II - Mechanics 1 2
MATH 152 Engineering Mathematics II 1,3 4
PHYS 206 Newtonian Mechanics for Engineering and Science 1 3
University Core Curriculum 4 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
 Total Semester Credit Hours32
Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
CHEM 227
CHEM 237
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEN 204 Elementary Chemical Engineering 1 3
ENGR 217/PHYS 217 Experimental Physics and Engineering Lab III - Electricity and Magnetism 1 2
MATH 251 Engineering Mathematics III 1 3
PHYS 207 Electricity and Magnetism for Engineering and Science 1 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
CHEM 228
CHEM 238
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEN 205 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I 1 3
ENGL 210 Technical and Business Writing 3
MATH 308 Differential Equations 1 3
University Core Curriculum 4 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
High Impact Experience 5 0
Mid-Curriculum Professional Development  
 Semester Credit Hours0
Third Year
CHEN 304 Chemical Engineering Fluid Operations 1 3
CHEN 320 Numerical Analysis for Chemical Engineers 1 3
CHEN 322 Chemical Engineering Materials 1 3
CHEN 354 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II 1 3
University Core Curriculum 4 3
Science elective 6 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry for Engineers 1 3
CHEN 323 Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer Operations 1 3
CHEN 324 Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer Operations 1 3
CHEN 364 Kinetics and Reactor Design 1 3
University Core Curriculum 4 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
CHEN 425 Process Integration, Simulation and Economics 1 3
CHEN 432 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I 1 2
CHEN 461 Process Dynamics and Control 1 3
CHEN 481 Seminar 1 1
CHEN 482 Bioprocess Engineering 1 3
CHEN specialty elective 1,6 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
CHEN 426 Chemical Engineering Plant Design 1 3
CHEN 433 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II 1 2
CHEN 455/SENG 455 Process Safety Engineering 1 3
University Core Curriculum 4 6
CHEN specialty electives 1,6 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
 Total Semester Credit Hours96

A grade of C or better is required in all CHEN courses.

Total Program Hours 128