Chemical Engineering - BS

Chemical engineers are concerned with the application of knowledge gained from basic sciences and practical experience to the development, design, operation and management of plants and processes for economical and safe conversion of chemical raw materials to useful products. Because chemical engineering is the most broadly based of all engineering disciplines, the chemical engineer is in great demand in diverse technical and supervisory areas in a wide variety of industries and has consistently commanded one of the highest starting salaries of all college graduates.

In addition to dominating the extensive chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries, for which Qatar and the rest of the Middle East are one of the world’s leading regions, chemical engineers are leaders in such areas as food and pharmaceutical processing, biochemical and biomedical engineering, pollution control and abatement, polymers and plastics, ceramics and other advanced materials, corrosion, automation and instrumentation, aerospace materials, computer technology and data processing, safety, environmental control, and many others.

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