Bush School of Government and Public Service


Administrative Officers

Dean – Mark A. Welsh III

Executive Associate Dean – Frank B. Ashley III, EdD

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs – Steven M. Oberhelman, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education – Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon, PhD

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs – Robert R. Shandley, PhD

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration – Joe Dillard

Assistant Dean for Assessment – Cole Blease Graham, PhD

Assistant Dean for Graduate Career and Student Services – Matthew Upton, PhD

About the Bush School of Government and Public Service

The Bush School of Government and Public Service offers master’s degrees in three areas as well as five graduate certificate programs. Study at the Bush School can lead to a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, a Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science, a Master of Public Service and Administration degree (MPSA), a Master in International Affairs (MIA) degree, a Master of International Policy (MIP) degree, or a Master of National Security and Intelligence degree. These professional degree programs prepare students for careers in public service spanning the public and not-for-profit sectors, both domestically and internationally. The MIP and MNSI degrees are also offered at the Bush School’s Washington, D.C. teaching site.  Admission into the MIP degree program requires six years of international experience, broadly understood. For those students with five years or more professional experience, the Executive Master of Public Service and Administration offers a rigorous online degree program with two required one-week sessions in residence. For those students seeking to strengthen their skills in international affairs or homeland security with graduate coursework, the Graduate Certificate in Advanced International Affairs or the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security are offered. The Bush School also offers the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and the Graduate Certificate in Public Management for individuals who seek to enhance their understanding of nonprofit organizations and management practices appropriate to the nonprofit sector. One other certificate is intended for specialized audiences. The Graduate Certificate in National Security Affairs provides instruction for those with relevant career experience.