Master of Science in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a Master of Science in Mathematics. The MS program's main objective is to fully prepare students to pursue successful careers as professional mathematicians working in business, industry, and education. Program requirements include a spectrum of mathematics classes, complemented by required courses taken outside the department and targeted to the specific track chosen. These courses provide a breadth of training and depth of knowledge in an area of specialization and they are complemented by various internship opportunities and teaching experiences for the students. Five tracks are available: traditional (generally, preparation to continue to PhD studies), mathematics teaching, computational mathematics, industrial mathematics, and mathematics biology.

The distance program is designed for individuals with interests in mathematics, with a particular interest in computational mathematics or a desire to teach in K-12 and community colleges. Primarily this program is intended for individuals with a solid background in mathematics, such as a degree in a mathematically related subject. However, others are encouraged to apply as well. Texas A&M offers a G6 classification, which is a postgraduate, non-degree-seeking status, so it is not necessary to enroll as a degree-seeking graduate student to enjoy the benefits of the program. Three tracks are available: mathematics teaching, mathematics and statistics, and computational mathematics.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.

Further details are available on the Mathematics Graduate Program webpage.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program