Master of Science in Medical Sciences

The MS in Medical Sciences degree prepares future researchers to bridge the interface between patient care and bench research, interact effectively with the spectrum of healthcare providers and community members, and function efficiently within large research teams. The curriculum is flexible and designed to provide a strong foundation in biological sciences along with scholarly activities that will encourage team-oriented projects, enhance interdisciplinary communication, develop leadership skills, and provide the foundation for a broad understanding of scientific, medical, and regulatory issues.

The degree program is available to incoming and current medical students through the dual-degree program known as the MD Plus Program or as a stand-alone program to help prepare future medical and graduate students. Admission is based on undergraduate and academic records, research experience, and letters of recommendation. Depending on the track and career stage, students who join the program are allowed to select one of our two sites: Bryan/College Station campus or Houston, Texas. The two locations provide different cultures and environments, both with equivalent resources and coursework with which to pursue graduate studies in the medical sciences.  

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program