Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program that prepares students to pursue successful research careers as professional mathematicians in academia, industry, government labs, or the financial sector. It provides a rigorous and thorough education, under a very dynamic and interactive environment, aimed at preparing our students to assume leadership positions as researchers in academia, industry, government labs and similar settings. Our students conduct research on one of the several areas that represent the diversity and scope of our faculty's expertise. 

Program graduates gain broad exposure to graduate-level mathematics, as well as thorough experience in mathematical research. They leave with extensive training and in-depth knowledge in an area of specialization. The program also provides internship opportunities, an array of research seminars, working seminars, and teaching experiences for the students. All graduates produce a final dissertation consisting of original work that clearly represents a relevant contribution to the advancement of the corresponding field of study. The current need for employees with strong skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is well-documented, and our program prepares students to take on a wide variety of such jobs. In particular, our students develop both the technical prowess and high ethical standards required to become effective STEM leaders in academia and industry.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program