Political Science - BS

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Political Science focuses on teaching research skills and data analysis while deepening understanding of politics. At Texas A&M, this program stands out for its unique approach within the undergraduate political science curriculum. It's intended to introduce students to political research methods, making it a starting point for those interested in technical careers like policy analysis, data science, or graduate studies. This BS program is one of the largest and most science-oriented political science undergraduate programs in the world.

Beyond emphasizing research skills and data analysis, the BS degree plan at Texas A&M offers a wide range of courses. This flexibility in both core curriculum and elective courses allows students to gain a comprehensive education beneficial for their future academic and professional pursuits. Within their major area of study, students will be able to further their education in American political institutions and political behavior; international relations; comparative politics; political theory; research methodology; public policy and administration; and race and ethnic politics.

Students who graduate with a degree in Political Science have a wide spectrum of career fields to choose from. Many students will pursue careers such as government, law, education, business, non-profits, and journalism.