Political Science - BS

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Political Science offers a strong liberal arts curriculum aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of foreign and domestic politics, along with essential training in social science research methods, strengthening their critical thinking abilities, and enhancing students' written, verbal, and visual communications skills. In addition to building skills in social science research and data analysis, the Bachelor of Science degree plan encompasses a broad spectrum of coursework from Texas A&M University. By allowing for flexibility in courses that can be taken within the core curriculum, as well as for general electives, students can achieve a well-rounded education that can help with their future educational and professional goals.

Within their major area of study, students will be able to further their education in American political institutions and political behavior; international relations; comparative politics; political theory; research methodology; public policy and administration; and race and ethnic politics. Students in the Bachelor of Science degree program will also be required to take a semester of game theoretic methods and a semester of polimetrics. 

Students who graduate with a degree in Political Science have a wide spectrum of career fields to choose from. Many students will pursue careers in government, law, secondary education, higher education, business, non-profits, journalism and more.