Animal Science - BS, Production/Industry Option

This curriculum prepares students for careers in animal-oriented agribusinesses. Other courses, in addition to animal science courses, include accounting, economics, genetics and management. A wide array of internships giving students invaluable experience in all phases of livestock production and related industries is available. Career opportunities include sales, management, public relations, marketing, quality control and education. Students may concentrate on an emphasis area within this option, including the following.

Beef Cattle

Students receive training that enables them to pursue careers in ranch management, feedlot management, pharmaceutical sales and other service-oriented livestock industries. Students are trained in all aspects of production, marketing and merchandising techniques for employment in the beef industry. The University Beef Cattle Center gives students hands-on experience.


The focus of this emphasis area is to develop a well-rounded, knowledgeable student. Students have the opportunity to apply scientific principles, problem-solving methods, state-of-the-art techniques and information transfer to complex dairy production systems.


Designed for students with professional or vocational interests in horses and the horse industry. Coursework emphasizes equine nutrition, breeding, reproduction, health, management, training and judging. Lectures are reinforced with laboratories in which students work with horses. Graduates are well prepared for careers with horse production farms, stallion stations, performance and race training stables, breed associations, performance horse organizations, feed and pharmaceutical companies, county extension positions, and other industries and agencies related to the horse industry.


Students prepare for a career in the meats industry by taking meat science and processing and evaluation courses. Students also can conduct research through special problems courses and can gain valuable work experience on campus in the Meat Science Section or the Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center or off campus through internships or summer jobs. Job opportunities are available in packing, processing, retailing, purveying, food service, promotion, public relations and government regulatory agencies.


Designed to prepare students for careers in the sheep and goat industries and in the associated wool and mohair industries, this emphasis gives students first-hand experience in sheep production and management practices, as well as procedures for processing and evaluating fleeces. Job opportunities are diverse and include flock management, marketing of lamb and fiber products, feed and pharmaceutical sales and county extension agent positions.


This emphasis area is designated for students planning to pursue a career in swine production or closely allied industries. Students are taught the principles of breeding and genetics, nutrition and feeding, animal health, environmental control and waste management as they relate to profitable swine production systems. These principles are reinforced by hands-on experience with the department’s swine herd. Career paths include management of swine production units and technical service or sales for feed, pharmaceutical and breeding stock companies.