Maritime Business Administration - BS

The Maritime Business Administration undergraduate curriculum, offered on the Galveston Campus, provides a solid background in the key areas of accounting, finance, marketing, law, economics and mathematics that are critical for today’s business professionals. These courses lay the foundation for more advanced courses in international trade, inland waterways management, brokerage and chartering, organizational behavior, transportation economics, port and terminal management and other areas related to the maritime industry.  

International trade is expanding as a result of the general increase in world-wide economic and political stability and this trend is expected to increase, as major economies participate more fully in world-wide economic growth. The great majority of this expanded trade will be carried by ship. As a result, activity in American ports is expected to more than double in the next 20 years, and some ports in the Gulf of Mexico are expected to see a tripling of port activity.  Taken together, these forces are now and will continue to positively affect demand for trained maritime professionals ashore. Maritime Business Administration graduates are ideally poised to meet the increasing demand for well educated maritime professionals.

Additionally, qualified undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics in five years time through the Department of Maritime Business Administration's 3+2 program.

The Maritime Business Administration program is approved to be offered at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center in McAllen, Texas.

Upper-Level Entry Requirements and Application Procedures

Students accepted to the Department of Maritime Business Administration enter the Bachelor of Science in Maritime Business Administration program at the lower-level.  Enrollment of students in junior and senior level courses is limited to those who have  been admitted to upper-level.  Entry requirements and application procedures for the upper-level are as follows.

1.  To be admitted to upper-level, a student must have been accepted to the Department of Maritime Business Administration and have:

     a.  Satisfactorily completed the following five courses:

ACCT 229Introductory Accounting3
ECON 202Principles of Economics3
ECON 203Principles of Economics3
MATH 140Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences3
MATH 142Business Calculus3

   b.  Students must successfully complete these three remaining lower-level courses during their first upper-level semester, unless satisfactorily completed prior to entering upper-level:

ACCT 230Introductory Accounting3
ISTM 210Fundamentals of Information Systems3
BUSN 203Statistical Methods for Business3

     c.  Students may preregister for upper-level courses in the semester their status is changed to upper-level.  However, students who fail to complete upper-level requirements shall not be permitted to remain registered in upper-level classes.

     d.  Lower-level students are not required to apply for a change of status to upper-level.  An automated process is performed several times each semester comparing a student's academic record to the upper-level entry requirements.  Qualifying lower-level students are automatically moved to upper-level and informed of their change-in status through TAMU email.

2.  Transfer Students:  Transfer students admitted to the Department of Maritime Business Administration will be classified as lower-level students until they complete all requirements listed in Item 1.  Transfer students may immediately request upper-level status when admitted to the university only if they meet all upper-level requirements.

3.  Change of curriculum students:  Students approved to change their curriculum to Maritime Business Administration will be classified as lower-level until they complete all requirements listed previously in Item 1.  Change of curriculum students who qualify for admission to upper-level may request this at time of acceptance. 

4.  Preference for available seats in junior and senior level courses taught through the Department of Maritime Business Administration will be granted to students who have been admitted to the upper-level program.  Ineligible students who preregister for upper-level classes are subject to having their registration in these courses cancelled.