Spanish - BA

A Spanish major provides students with language skills that translate into a practical tool for use in our increasingly bilingual landscape, whether this be Texas, the American Southwest, one of the many areas in the U.S. with large Spanish-speaking populations, or beyond our borders where over 500 million Spanish speakers reside. Above the practical aspect of the major, students of Spanish acquire a rich view of the world. Focusing on analytical and critical thinking, as well as cultural awareness, our students are prepared for graduate studies in Spanish and professional schools (medicine, law, business), and for professions in fields such as education, business, human resources, research, government, social service, tourism, journalism, and translation. To enhance their career options, Spanish majors are encouraged to seek out a complementary minor or second major/degree, to create even more opportunities after graduation. Similarly, students can also complete an internship that will provide practical hands-on experience.

To underscore the focus on cultural awareness and to support the achievement of increased linguistic proficiency, our major requires a minimum 10-week experience abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. This experience abroad can be in a formal academic setting, through an internship or other comparable environment.  For cases where an experience abroad is not possible, a student may petition that an internship or service-learning project be used instead.