Opportunity Majors

General Terms and Conditions of Participation:

  1. Participation. Only students selected by Texas A&M University will be allowed to participate in the Opportunity Majors Program.
  2. Intended Major. Transfer students will be assigned a major from the Opportunity Majors List* by the Admissions Review Committee based on coursework completed and original majors chosen.
  3. Changing Major. Students admitted to an Opportunity Major may switch to any other Opportunity Major* upon approval from an advisor. If a major is available at the time of admission based on the catalog but has subsequently been removed from the Opportunity Major list, a student may still be granted a change into that major. Students who complete 40 hours of course credit at Texas A&M with a 3.75 GPA or higher will be allowed to change to a non-Opportunity Major upon approval by an advisor.
  4. Previously Earned Credit. Any college level credits accepted by Texas A&M that were earned by a student prior to enrolling at Texas A&M shall not apply toward the 40 hours that would allow a student to pursue a non-Opportunity Major.
  5. Academic Advising. An Opportunity Major student will receive academic advising from the advisors assigned to their current major.
  6. Student Rules. An Opportunity Major student is expected to be knowledgeable about the Texas A&M Student Rules and shall agree to comply with said rules.
  7. Readmission. If a student voluntarily drops out of Texas A&M University, the student may pursue future readmission to Texas A&M subject to the then current readmission criteria.

By accepting admission to an Opportunity Major as noted in the letter of admission, students are acknowledging their understanding of the Terms and Conditions of participation in the Opportunity Majors Program and consent to the terms outlined above. Students also acknowledge that this is not a contractual agreement; it is merely an acknowledgement that admission to the university will be governed by these terms.

Department Department Description Major Major Description
ANTH Anthropology ANTH Anthropology
ARCH Architecture ARCH Architecture
ATMO Atmospheric Sciences METL/METR Meteorology
BCBP Biochemistry & Biophysics BICH Biochemistry
BCBP Biochemistry & Biophysics GENE Genetics
EAHR Educ Admn & Human Resource Dev HRDL/HRDV Human Resource Development
ECCB Ecology & Conservation Biology ECCB Ecology & Conservation Biology
ENGL English ENGL English
ENTO Entomology ENTO Entomology
ENTO Entomology FIVL/FIVS Forensic Inv Science
EPSY Educational Psychology BIED Bilingual Education
EPSY Educational Psychology SPED Special Education
GEPL Geology & Geophysics GEOL Geology
GEPL Geology & Geophysics GEOP Geophysics
GLAC Global Languages & Cultures CLSS Classics
GLAC Global Languages & Cultures MODL Modern Languages
GLAC Global Languages & Cultures SPAN Spanish
HIST History HIST History
HRSC Horticultural Sciences HORT Horticulture
INTA International Affairs INTS International Studies
LAUP Land Arch & Urban Planning LANL/LAND Landscape Architecture
LAUP Land Arch & Urban Planning URPL/UPRN Urban & Regional Planning
LIST Liberal Studies MAST Maritime Studies*
MARA Maritime Business Administration MARA Maritime Business Administration*
MARE Marine Engineering Technology MARE Marine Engineering Technology*
MART Marine Transportation MART Marine Transportation*
MCES Marine & Coastal Environmental Science CESS Marine & Coastal Environmental Science*
MCES Marine & Coastal Environmental Science MARS Marine Sciences*
OCEN Ocean Engineering OCEN Ocean Engineering
OCNG Oceanography OCNG Oceanography
PETE Petroleum Engineering PETE Petroleum Engineering
PHUM Philosophy & Humanities PHIL Philosophy
PLPM Plant Pathology & Microbiology BESC Bioenvironmental Sciences
PHYS Physics & Astronomy PHYS Physics
SOCI Sociology SOCI Sociology
SOCI Sociology WGST Women's and Gender Studies
SCSC Soil & Crop Sciences PSSC Plant & Environmental Soil Sciences
SCSC Soil & Crop Sciences TGSC Turfgrass Science
STAT Statistics STAT Statistics
CLVF College of Visualization, Performance and Fine Arts PERF Performance Studies

* Galveston majors only