Marine Transportation - BS

This program combines studies in the humanities and sciences with instruction and training in maritime disciplines to provide the U.S. Maritime Service Cadet with a broad-based education. The student who successfully completes the license program will be qualified to sit for the U.S. Coast Guard license examination as a Third Mate of any gross tonnage upon oceans, steam, or motor vessels and issuance of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) credentials. Cadets are also provided with solid fundamentals in business topics related to the maritime industry, ashore and afloat. Cadets who enroll in and apply to graduate in Marine Transportation must successfully complete the license examination for Third Mate in order to graduate from Texas A&M University.

Courses earning USCG or STCW qualifications, sea-time remission or STCW competency certification require a minimum grade of C (70%). In addition, all STCW proficiencies must be satisfactorily completed with a grade of 70% or better (See applicable course outlines available through the department).