Certificate Requirements

Requirements for a Certificate

A student must receive permission from the department offering the certificate and their primary academic advisor in order to pursue a certificate.  All requirements outlined in the catalog and degree evaluation for the specific certificate program must be met in order for a certificate to be awarded.

Certificate types:

  • Major-dependent - A student is admitted to the program through the offering department. Admission to the program requires the student to pursue a specific degree/major at Texas A&M University. This type of certificate program typically serves as a track within a degree program. The certificate and degree are awarded simultaneously.
  • Degree-dependent - A student is admitted to the program through the offering department. Admission to the program simply requires that the student pursue a degree at Texas A&M University. The certificate may or may not be related to their specific degree/major. The certificate is awarded upon completion of the requirements independent of a degree.
  • Stand-alone - A student is admitted to the program through the Office of Admissions. The student may pursue the certificate without being enrolled in a degree program. The certificate may be awarded upon completion of requirements.

Graduation Application, Certificate and Commencement

Beginning fall 2017, formal application for certificates to be awarded must be submitted online in Howdy by the deadline stated in the academic calendar.

Certificates are granted to students who make formal application for the certificate to be awarded, have all grades on record in the Office of the Registrar, and have satisfied all certificate requirements.  Certificates are awarded no more frequently than the last calendar day of each month; with the exception of major-dependent certificates which are awarded at the end of each term, along with the student’s associated degree. In months where a commencement ceremony is held, degree-dependent and stand-alone certificates will be awarded with the conferral date for that term's commencement. 

Students must have settled all financial obligations to the university prior to receiving a certificate.

University certificates will either be mailed directly to the student or issued to the college for formal presentation.

Certificate/Graduation Fee

At this time, there is not a fee associated with the awarding of a certificate from Texas A&M University.

For additional information regarding certificate tracking and awarding, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.