Extension Education - Certificate

A Certificate in Extension Education is an innovative program that prepares students with the unique knowledge and skills required to apply Extension education theory and put into practice these theories at any level in an organization. Students will gain a substantive foundation of Extension education theory, with the instructional focus on community situations and how to apply theories to all community situations.

The program includes a capstone experience to solidify skills and enhance the graduate experience. The capstone experience will be tailored to individual student needs in consultation with the committee chair, graduate committee, and certificate committee. Examples of appropriate activities include, but are not limited to the development of an educational program to address a critical issue or need within Extension, development of a new innovation or strategic initiative for Extension, or any other effort that would enhance the student experience while being important to Extension.

This certificate requires the completion of 14 credit hours and may be completed as: 1) Part of a degree program or 2) by applying as a certificate option only (non-degree status). When completed as part of a degree program or as a certificate option only (non-degree status), the student will need to apply for graduation to have the certificate recognized and transcripted.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.

For more information on the Extension Education Certificate, visit the ALEC Certificate website.