Meteorology - Minor

Students of other disciplines, such as chemistry or mathematics, may complete a minor in meteorology by taking a minimum of 16 hours in Atmospheric Sciences or upper division geosciences. GEOS courses may comprise no more than 6 of these hours, with the remainder being ATMO. At least 9 of the 16 hours must be in courses 300-level or above, including at least three 400-level hours. The selection of courses must be made in agreement with an advisor from the Atmospheric Sciences faculty.

300-level requirement
Select from the following:6
400-level requirement
Select from the following:3
Select from the following:7
Total Semester Credit Hours16

Must maintain a minimum GPR of 2.000 in order to pursue this minor.

At least 9 hours of ATMO courses are required and a minimum of 3 hours at the 400 level.