Geography - Minor

Geography explores the relationships between people and their environment, which vary from place to place over the Earth. Geographers compare and quantify the drivers of the variable and changing character of Earth’s systems, which have been transformed into human habitat and are thus being changed by humans. Geography coursework for the minor integrates physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

GEOG 201Introduction to Human Geography3
GEOG 203
GEOG 213
Planet Earth
and Planet Earth Lab
Select one of the following:3
Select from the following:
Geography of the Global Village
Geography of the United States
Economic Geography
Geography of Texas
Introduction to Urban Geography
Geography of Energy
Cultural Geography
The Middle East
Geography of Latin America
Global Climatic Regions
Resources and the Environment
Concepts in Geographic Education
Natural Hazards
Remote Sensing in Geosciences
Coastal Processes
Workshop in Environmental Studies
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
Interpretation of Aerial Photographs
Arid Lands Geomorphology
Political Geography
Field Trips
Geography of Terrorism
Principles of Plant Geography
History and Nature of Geography
Field Geography
Special Topics in...
Total Semester Credit Hours16

The selection of courses must be made in agreement with the geography department advisor for minor programs.

Minimum GPA of 2.000 must be maintained in the minor coursework. 6 hours must be upper division courses, 3 of which must be at the 400-level.

General Requirements

  1. Geography Minor: minimum of 16 credits in the discipline with at least 6 hours in upper-division courses, 3 hours of which must be at the 400 level.
  2. Minimum of 6 credits must be taken in residence at either Texas A&M University or Texas A&M at Galveston.
  3. Students must meet with the department’s advisor for minor programs for approval of courses selected (any substitutions must be approved by the department head).
  4. Minimum cumulative GPR of 2.0 must be achieved for all courses in the minor.