Spanish - Minor

The Spanish minor allows students with other majors to work on their linguistic skills while they gain Hispanic cultural competency. A great way to complement coursework in many other majors, including those in science, health, and business, this minor focuses on language-based coursework that will serve as an asset upon entering the job market after graduation. The minor requires 18 hours of course work beyond 100-level Spanish courses including Spanish 201; 202 or 203. The remaining 12 hours may be selected from the many 300- and 400-level courses offered every semester. Of the total required hours, at least 9 must be taken in residence at Texas A&M.

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
or SPAN 203   or Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers 
SPAN 200 to 4993
SPAN 300 to 4999
Total Semester Credit Hours18

At least 9 of these 18 hours must be taken at Texas A&M. A grade of C or higher is required for a course to be counted in the minor field. A minor must be declared before the student has completed 75 credit hours.