Molecular and Cell Biology - BS

Students who select Molecular and Cell Biology as their major will receive a strong background in the cellular and molecular aspects of biology with particular emphasis on eukaryotes. The major provides an excellent foundation for a career in biotechnology, genetic engineering, MD/PhD programs or basic biological research.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
BIOL 111 Introductory Biology I 1,2 4
CHEM 119 Fundamentals of Chemistry I 2 4
Select one of the following: 2,3 4
Calculus I for Biological Sciences  
Engineering Mathematics I  
Calculus I  
Communication 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
BIOL 112 Introductory Biology II 1, 2 4
CHEM 120 Fundamentals of Chemistry II 2 4
Select one of the following: 2 3-4
Calculus II for Biological Sciences  
Engineering Mathematics II  
Calculus II  
Elementary Statistical Inference  
Communication 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
Second Year
BIOL 213 Molecular Cell Biology 2 3
CHEM 227
CHEM 237
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
PHYS 201 College Physics 4
American history 4,5 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
BIOL 214 Genes, Ecology and Evolution 2 3
CHEM 228
CHEM 238
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
PHYS 202 College Physics 4
American history 4,5 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Semester Credit Hours57

The following are CBK courses and must be completed prior to the start of 5th full semester: BIOL 111, BIOL 112, BIOL 213, BIOL 214, CHEM 119 , CHEM 120 , CHEM 227 & CHEM 237, CHEM 228 & CHEM 238, MATH 147, MATH 148 or STAT 201.

Plan of Study Grid
Third Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
BICH 410
Comprehensive Biochemistry I
or Biochemistry I
BIOL 351 Fundamentals of Microbiology 4
GENE 302
GENE 312
Principles of Genetics
and Comprehensive Genetics Laboratory
STAT 312 Statistics for Biology 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
BICH 411
Comprehensive Biochemistry II
or Biochemistry II
BICH 414
Biochemical Techniques I
or Laboratory in Molecular Genetics
BICH 431/GENE 431 Molecular Genetics 3
Social and behavioral sciences 3
General elective 6 5
 Semester Credit Hours16
Fourth Year
BIOL 413 Cell Biology 3
BIOL 414 Developmental Biology 3
BIOL 423 Cell Biology Laboratory 2
POLS 206 American National Government 5 3
Language, philosophy and culture 3
General elective 6 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
POLS 207 State and Local Government 5 3
Creative arts 3
Directed electives 7, 8 6
General elective 6 4
 Semester Credit Hours16
 Total Semester Credit Hours63

Total Program Hours 120

Directed Electives

Select one course from the following:
BIOL 300-499
OCNG 420Biological Oceanography3
Select remaining courses from the following:
Cell Biology
BIOL 430Biological Imaging4
VIBS 343Histology4
VIBS 443Biology of Mammalian Cells and Tissues4
Organismal Biology
BIOL 344Embryology4
BIOL 388Principles of Animal Physiology4
BIOL 434/NRSC 434Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience3
BIOL 435Laboratory for Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience1
BIOL 466Principles of Evolution3
BIOL 467Integrative Animal Behavior3
MEPS 313Introduction to Plant Physiology3
Molecular and Computational Biology
BIOL 450/BICH 450Genomics4
BIOL 451Bioinformatics3
BICH 432/GENE 432Laboratory in Molecular Genetics2
CHEM 327Physical Chemistry I3
BIOL 406/GENE 406Bacterial Genetics3
BIOL 438Bacterial Physiology3
BIOL 445Biology of Viruses3
BIOL 454Immunology3
BIOL 455Laboratory in Immunology2
BIOL 456Medical Microbiology3