Pre-Medicine - Minor

This minor is designed for students intending to apply to medical or dental school and who are pursuing a major that does not include the required prerequisite courses in their degree plan. Students majoring in BIMS or pursuing any degree from the Department of Biology are not eligible to pursue this minor.

BIOL 213Molecular Cell Biology3
BICH 409Principles of Biochemistry3
PHYS 202College Physics 14
or PHYS 207   or Electricity and Magnetism for Engineering and Science 
Select one of the following:3
Principles of Statistics I
Introduction to Biometry
Statistical Methods
Statistical Methods
Statistics for Biology
Select one of the following:4
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Fundamentals of Microbiology
Principles of Animal Physiology
Total Semester Credit Hours17