International Agriculture - Certificate

The graduate certificate in International Agriculture (INAG) helps graduate students acquire specific knowledge and experience in international agriculture to increase their career competencies and workforce competitiveness. The certificate courses require subject matter with more than a 50% focus in international agriculture. Students acquire focused study and increased understanding in human capacity development, and/or agricultural and natural resource economic trade and policy. The certificate's course requirements combines selected courses from students’ home departments and selected international agriculture courses from the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications, and the Department of Agricultural Economics. 

This certificate is a multi-departmental certificate and there are several course options. Prior to admittance to the program students must be reviewed by a departmental committee prior to completing 50% of graduate program hours. This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous or synchronous distance education technology.

This multi-departmental certificate may be completed as: 1) Part of a degree program or 2) by applying as a certificate option only (non-degree status).  When completed as part of a degree program or as a certificate option only (non-degree status), the certificate completion will appear on the transcript. The certificate cannot be completed as departmental continuing education at this time. Approval to complete this certificate requires a specific application and review process by the program committee. To apply, access the INAG online application.

If you have interest in obtaining this certificate, you may visit the ALEC Certificate website