Sustainable Urbanism - Certificate

The Sustainable Urbanism graduate certificate, housed in the Center for Housing and Urban Development in the College of Architecture, is available to graduate students from any program at Texas A&M. The certificate explores sustainability and urban design in a rapidly urbanizing world by focusing on the processes that shape the form and function of the built environment in its full complexity--infrastructure, land development, built landscapes, and facilities. Students are trained to consider the integration of various aspects of the built environment including land use and urban design, energy, materials, wastes, biodiversity, natural hazards, and accessibility.

Students who complete the certificate will be able to synthesize and apply knowledge of sustainability of the built environment, including theories and concepts, and use tools for drawing and mapping in order to develop original solutions to planning challenges. Students who complete the certificate gain skills that equip them to work in public and private industries as planners and designers. Recipients of the certificate are ready to investigate and apply collaborative practices to design and plan sustainable urban settlements that are livable, equitable, energy efficient, ecologically sound, and prosperous. 

History and Theory3
Select one of the following:
Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
Development of Landscape Architecture
Concepts in Ecological Planning and Design
Structure and Function of Urban Settlements
Planning Theory and History
Methods and Skills3
Select one of the following:
Land Economics
Landscape Architectural Site Engineering and Development
Landscape Architectural Construction
Development and the Environment
Sustainable Development
Planning Methods and Techniques
Ecological Economics
Electives 13
Select one of the following:
Health Design and Research
Sustainable Construction
Water Resources Engineering Planning and Management
Engineering and Urban Transportation Systems
Principles of Ecosystem Science and Management
Transportation in City Planning
Neighborhood Revitalization
Problems of Environmental Planning Administration
Planning for Coastal Sustainability and Resiliency
Design for Sustainable Transportation
Principles of Community and Community Development
Community Organization
Parks, Tourism and the Natural Environment
Design and Planning Studios 26
Select one of the following:
Architectural Design II
Architectural Design III
Open Space and Land Use Planning I
Open Space and Land Use Planning II
Development Feasibility and Design
Development Feasibility and Design II
Applied Planning I
Total Semester Credit Hours15