Education and Social Sciences Advanced Research Methods - Certificate

The Advanced Research Methods (ARM) Certificate is a stand-alone graduate-level certificate in Education and Social Sciences Advanced Research Methods (ARM), offered by the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University. The program allows graduate and non-degree seeking students the opportunity to gain additional training in research methodology, and to obtain academic validation for their efforts. The certificate testifies to a student’s successful mastery of advanced competencies in education and social sciences research methods, with emphasis on quantitative or qualitative approaches. The ARM certificate facilitates students’ initiation into the academic publication process, and allows them to become more ‘marketable’ in today’s competitive hiring practices, especially in the context of Research Universities with Very High Research Activity.

While the certificate does not show up on your diploma it will be added to your transcript.

 Certificate Requirements

Select 4 advanced Quantitative or Qualitative (or mixed methods) Research Methods Courses12
Required for Completion: Evidence of submission of an article, for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, as main author or co-author

Current Research Methods Requirements by Departmental Programs for Ph.D. Degrees

Department/Program Minimum Research Methods Requirement in credit hours
Teaching, Learning and Culture 15 hours
Educational Administration and Human Resource Development 18 hours
Educational Psychology 15 hours
Health and Kinesiology 9-18 hours

CEHD Courses Approved for Certificate

Educational Administration & Human Resource Development

EDAD 623Advanced Fieldwork Methods3
EHRD 656Narrative Analysis3
EHRD 657Life History Research3
EHRD 690Theory of Educational Human Resource Development Research3

Educational Psychology

EPSY 625Advanced Psychometric Theory3
EPSY 637Qualitative Grounded Theory Methodologies3
EPSY 642Meta-Analysis of Behavioral Research3
EPSY 643Applied Multivariate Methods3
EPSY 650Multiple Regression and Other Linear Models in Education Research3
EPSY 651Theory of Structural Equation Modeling3
EPSY 652Theory of Hierarchical Linear Models3
EPSY 653Advanced Structural Equation Modeling3
EPSY 654Longitudinal Data Analysis3
EPSY 655Item Response Theory3

Health and Kinesiology

HLTH 689Special Topics in...3

Teaching, Learning and Culture

EDCI 627Teaching and Learning Data Analysis and Uncertainty Concepts3
EDCI 628Analyzing and Reporting Field Based Research3
EDCI 661Mixed Methods Research in Curriculum and Instruction3
EDCI 688Research Methods in EDCI III3