Materials, Informatics and Design - Certificate

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a certificate in Materials, Informatics and Design requiring completion of six courses (15 credit hours).

The certificate addresses the need to develop approaches for the accelerated discovery and design of materials to meet technological challenges of the 21st century associated with environmental, national security, energy and medical issues. 

This program provides an interdisciplinary framework to employ informatics and engineering system design tools to the development of materials. The curriculum includes (i) cross-disciplinary components on materials science, informatics and design; (ii) an interdisciplinary, integrative studio course on the application of informatics and design tools to develop materials; (iii) elective tracks on entrepreneurship, energy, computational materials science as well as professional internships in industry and national laboratories.

The educational goals of the certificate program are to train the next generation of scientists and engineers who:

  1. are grounded in their major discipline (degree program);
  2. are capable of applying tools and methods from other disciplines to their major discipline;
  3. are able to translate tools developed in their major discipline to engineering problems in other fields;
  4. can communicate with experts in varying disciplines;
  5. can effectively contribute to interdisciplinary efforts while developing a comprehensive understanding of the potentials and limitations of their major discipline as well as other disciplines;
  6. have the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen career path.