Public Management - Certificate

The graduate certificate in Public Management (PBMG) focuses on the capabilities required for effective and ethical leadership in the public and nonprofit sectors. This program includes the knowledge and skills pertaining to the internal operation of public-service organizations and to the relationship between those organizations and their environments.

The PBMG certificate is designed to provide graduate education in public management for the full-time public service professional who wants to earn a standalone credential in public management; for the individual who desires the education to transition to the public management field; and for the graduate student who wants to earn a credential in a specialized area to enhance employability. The culmination of the program will result in prepared state and federal leaders with the requisite skills and expertise in public service to excel in professional and executive management roles.

External applicants must have an accredited bachelor's degree and meet other entry qualifications to be admitted to graduate study at Texas A&M University. Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program at Texas A&M University may take individual courses, as may undergraduates at the Texas A&M University College Station campus who meet certain GPA and degree-status requirements; however, all students must formally enroll in the certificate program and meet certificate completion requirements to earn the certificate. An individual who successfully completes the certificate program will be awarded a certificate by Texas A&M University and the Bush School. Grades for courses taken as part of this program will appear on the official transcript, together with the notation that the certificate has been achieved.

This program is approved for on campus delivery. It is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology. Students may choose the format or mix of formats which best fits their needs.

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