Education Law and Policy - Certificate

The graduate-level Certificate in Education Law and Policy will prepare new and experienced teachers, administrators and staff to effectively address complex legal and policy challenges in the K-12 and higher education fields. Specifically, participants will be exposed to (i) important Federal and state laws, regulations and policies in the education field, and (ii) advances in theory and practice, as well as applications of law, regulation and policies through case studies via a module-based structure.

The Certificate in Education Law and Policy provides an industry-responsive curriculum with a focus on education law as it applies to policies, business, and economic factors. Courses are offered by asynchronous distance learning to provide a flexible schedule for working professionals. Interactive coursework includes case study assignments and regular interaction with classmates through zoom meetings, videos, audio casts, chat rooms, discussion boards, and group breakout sessions. Prospective students have expressed interest in a graduate program designed for educational professionals, including teachers, administrators, and school staff, that provides specialized legal training to position them to respond to the challenges and opportunities the industry may pose for providers, suppliers, and industry partners. Individuals who complete the program will be able to synthesize scenarios and legal regulation in the education sector, providing analysis or judgments for consideration to organizational leadership with a nuanced perspective.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.