Education for Health Care Professionals - Certificate

The goal of the Education for Health Care Professionals (EDHP) online graduate certificate program is to provide healthcare professionals an introduction to adult learning theories and the knowledge needed to plan, implement, and evaluate curriculum in multiple settings with diverse populations.

Certificate Program Goals and Outcomes

The overarching goals of the Certificate in EDHP are to prepare students to:

  • Teach in a variety of settings with an interdisciplinary team. Incorporate theory and practice in the development and implementation of educational offerings in diverse settings and populations.
  • Integrate collective teaching strategies and delivery systems for today's new learning environment.
  • Effectively evaluate student performance with the necessary tools and strategies in clinical and/or classroom settings.
  • Develop their skills as new faculty members.

The learning outcomes for students who complete the Certificate in EDHP require that students will:

  • Analyze learning theories that serve as a foundation for teaching adult learners.
  • Apply best practices of curriculum development methods in teaching environments.
  • Plan teaching strategies for a variety of delivery systems that meet the needs of adult learners in multiple settings.
  • Assess student performance using tools and strategies appropriate in online, clinical, didactic, and/or laboratory settings.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.

For other specific program requirements regarding the EDHP Certificate please review the EDHP website