Forensic Healthcare - Certificate

The graduate Certificate in Forensic Healthcare (CTG-FOHC) prepares graduates to excel in this rapidly developing field by drawing from a broad body of academic knowledge in forensic health care to assist victims of violence and trauma. The Forensic Healthcare certificate is open to licensed registered nurses, holding a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, who wish to assist victims of violence and trauma. No clinical hours are required in completion of the certificate.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology. 

FORS 601/NURS 601Foundations of Forensic Healthcare2
FORS 602/NURS 602Victimology: Clinical Implications and Applications3
FORS 603/NURS 603Impact of Violence Across the Lifespan3
Select 4 hours from the following:4
Forensic Investigation of Injury
Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner
Application of Clinical Pharmacology to Victims of Violence
Human Trafficking
Forensic Photography
Policy and Ethics of Interpersonal Violence
Forensic Mental Health
Total Semester Credit Hours12