Agribusiness Entrepreneurship - Minor

The Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Minor is for students who are interested in starting their own business; working in an existing family-owned business; working for an entrepreneur; pursuing employment with a bank or financial institution; or wanting a working knowledge of business development practices and strategies.

Students will choose to develop a business plan for their own professional career pursuit, or to evaluate a business from an investor’s or consultant’s perspective in the coursework included in this minor.  The instructor and student will mutually agree on a business venture and business settings selected. The options for students' businesses are wide and varied, with locations in either a rural or metropolitan setting

A critical ingredient in the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Minor is learning to establish and develop a large network with successful entrepreneurs and other professionals.  This minor offers ample opportunities for you to learn how to develop networking strategies in the classroom and in social settings.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are not limited to one field/degree area; therefore, the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Minor is open to all majors.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be approved to pursue the minor.