International Agricultural Development - Minor

The minor in International Agricultural Development (IDAG) provides students with formal instruction in international agricultural development concepts and practical experiences through language acquisition, study/research abroad, and/or international fieldwork. The IDAG curriculum prepares students for successful post-baccalaureate international careers or graduate studies particularly aligned with the Graduate Certificate in International Agriculture (INAG).

Students critically examine current international agriculture issues and/or topics in diversity and communications. IDAG coursework includes foundational concepts and upper-division foreign languages or approved international experiences.

Eligibility Requirements to Declare an IDAG Minor

Students must have:

  1. A cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher and be in good standing with Texas A&M University;
  2. A declared major;
  3. Completed 75 hours or less at time of application;
  4. A meeting with an IDAG advisor; and,
  5. Complete an IDAG Minor application.

For more information about this minor, visit our IDAG website.