Leadership - Minor

The minor in leadership studies (LDAG) provides students with formal instruction in leadership theory and the application of concepts necessary to be successful leaders in future careers. The curriculum prepares students to be effective industry, community, and organizational leaders. Students explore leadership roles in their future contexts, develop an awareness of personal leadership characteristics, and apply leadership theories and models for future professional experiences. The coursework includes foundational leadership concepts and advanced leadership concepts. 

Eligibility Requirements to Declare Minor in Leadership Studies

  1. Students are encouraged to have completed or be currently enrolled in ALED 202.
  2. Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher and be in good standing with Texas A&M University.
  3. Students must have the ability to successfully complete 15 hours of coursework before graduation – meaning 3 to 4 long semesters.
  4. Students must have a declared major.

For more information about this minor, visit our LDAG website.