Meat Science - Certificate

The Department of Animal Science offers a certificate in Meat Science for students who wish to obtain specialization in this area. The certificate is designed to provide a knowledge base to those individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career that involves the meat industry. Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours by taking four required courses and selecting additional courses from the elective list to complete the minimum credit hour requirement.

ANSC 307/NFSC 307Meats3
ANSC 326/NFSC 326Food Bacteriology3
ANSC 447Advanced Meat Science and Technology 14
ANSC 457/NFSC 457Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System3
Select 5 semester credit hours from the following:5
Meat Selection, Evaluation and Grading
Food Bacteriology Lab
Meat Merchandising 2
Marketing and Grading of Livestock and Meats
Directed Studies
Total Semester Credit Hours18