Agricultural Systems Management - Minor

The minor in Agricultural Systems Management is available to all students enrolled at Texas A&M University. The primary educational objective of this minor program is to provide students, majoring in other fields, with a fundamental knowledge of the fields of agricultural systems management.

AGSM 360 prepares students for the opportunity to pursue an occupational license. Students who participate in the class regularly and pass the course will be eligible for a "30 hour Course for General Industry" diploma from NASP. Please refer to the Notification for Students Pursuing an Occupational License in our catalog for additional information.

Required Courses
AGSM 201Agricultural Energy and Power Systems3
AGSM 301Systems Analysis in Agriculture3
Select four of the following:
Agricultural Machinery Management
Food Process Engineering Technology
Agri-Industrial Applications of Electricity
Water and Soil Management
Technology for Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering
Occupational Safety Management
Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products
Food Process Engineering Technology II
Irrigation Principles and Management
Agricultural Electronics and Control
Project Management for Agricultural Systems Technology
Air Pollution Control and Regulatory Compliance
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students must make a grade of C or better in all courses.