Food Engineering - Minor

From the farm to the table, engineers play a role in producing tastier and healthier food for everybody in a sustainable manner. Food engineering is a hybrid of food science and an engineering science, resulting in the application of engineering principles to food systems and their components. With the complexity of food and food processing, the Minor in Food Engineering is aimed at students in the Chemical Engineering major whose graduates are routinely employed in the food industry.

The Minor in Food Engineering will provide students with the knowledge and skills for success in the ever-growing food industry by: (1) understanding the effect of physical, chemical and biological changes on the quality of raw materials and processed foods, (2) applying these skills to the formulation, production and processing of new foods, (3) using innovative technologies that protect foods against spoilage and people against foodborne illnesses, and (4) applying innovations in food packaging that help improve appearance while increasing product convenience, safety, and shelf life.