Entomology - Minor

Entomology is a basic and applied science of insects and their relatives such as ticks and mites. Insects are one of the most numerous and diverse forms of life on earth; they are essential constituents of virtually every terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem. While society benefits from the diverse roles played by insects, some species may become limiting factors in the production, processing and storage of our food and fiber crops, and to the health and well being of humans and animals. The knowledge and skills possessed by entomologists are essential components of modern integrated pest management strategies designed to safely and efficiently produce adequate food supplies for a continuously expanding world population, and to impede the transmission of insect-borne diseases, while at the same time protecting our endangered species and fragile ecosystems. 

Students in majors such as agronomy, animal science, horticulture, biology, genetics and biomedical sciences may wish to augment their knowledge and broaden their career opportunities by electing to either double major or minor in entomology. All interested students should contact an academic advisor for additional information on these options.