Poultry Science - Minor

The minor in Poultry Science is available to all students enrolled at Texas A&M University. The main educational goal of this program is to provide students majoring in other fields with a basic knowledge of various fields within the poultry industry.  The courses required for this minor will cover information on major topics in the poultry industry. 

POSC 201General Avian Science3
POSC 309Poultry Meat Production4
Select three of the following:9
Avian Anatomy and Physiology
Game Birds and Ornamental Fowl
Breeder and Hatchery Management
Commercial Egg Industry
Instincts and Behavior
Poultry Further Processing
Poultry Nutrition
Avian Genetics and Breeding
Environmental Physiology
Animal Waste Management
Advanced Food Bacteriology
Poultry Diseases
Total Semester Credit Hours16

Must make a grade of 'C' or better.