Urban and Regional Planning - Minor

By pursuing a minor in urban planning at Texas A&M, students will earn an education within a multi-disciplinary atmosphere where analytical skills and critical thinking are harvested. Students will then apply this acquired knowledge to address real-world issues which communities and regions face on a daily basis. Those earning a minor in urban planning can effectively solve problems related to a number of complex issues involving the built and natural environment, transportation, health, economic development, among others.

The minor in urban planning program will provide a solid educational basis for those students wishing to pursue a post-graduate education within the planning field. Also, because of its broad scope, the minor program may serve as an effective introduction to graduate studies in other social science disciplines such as economics, geography, political science, and public policy.

The minor program will prepare students for entry-level positions in a variety of fields including state and local government; advocacy, grant-making and civic organizations; real estate management; environmental science; social assistance services; and health care services.