General Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for Applied Mathematical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology majors are organized into:

  1. general requirements, including University Core Curriculum requirements and college requirements;
  2. requirements of the major field of study;
  3. requirements of the minor field of study for those students completing a BA degree; and
  4. electives.

With the exception of physical activity and general elective requirements, courses taken to satisfy degree requirements must be taken for letter grades.

Students are responsible for selecting the courses in their degree plan and assuring they abide by Texas A&M University Student Rules in meeting all degree requirements. Each department has advisors who should be consulted in developing degree programs.

General Requirements

General requirements include those which are required in every degree program at the University. Please refer to these requirements defined in the University Core Curriculum and graduation requirements in foreign language sections of this catalog. Special guidelines should be noted in the following categories:

American History

U.S. history course 13
U.S. history course 13
Total Semester Credit Hours6

Students seeking teacher certification must complete HIST 105 and HIST 106.

Three hours in history may be substituted by successfully completing the required four semesters of upper-level ROTC curriculum.

Government/Political Science

POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
Total Semester Credit Hours6

Three hours in political science may be substituted by successfully completing the required four semesters of upper-level ROTC curriculum.

Cultural Discourse and International and Cultural Diversity Requirements

The Cultural Discourse portion of the Graduation requirement may be fulfilled by 3 hours from the approved list of courses (see the Cultural Discourse page). The International and Cultural Diversity portion of the Graduation requirements may be fulfilled by 3 hours from the approved list of courses (see the International and Cultural Diversity requirements page).

These courses may be in addition to University Core Curriculum requirements, or if a course in this category satisfies an area of the Core, it can be used to meet both requirements.

Major Field of Study

Each department sets its own requirements for the major. At least 12 semester hours in the major must be completed in advanced courses (300- or 400-level) in residence at Texas A&M.

Minor Field of Study

The BA degree requires a minor field of study or an area of emphasis for students pursuing teacher certification. A minor requires 15–18 semester hours in one discipline. Six of these hours must be advanced (300- or 400-level) courses. Students must contact the department offering the minor to determine course requirements. Students pursuing a BS degree may select an optional minor. Contact the department offering the minor to determine course requirements.  Students must declare a minor no later than the date on which they apply for graduation.


Electives should be chosen to enhance the student’s degree program and/or complete professional school prerequisites if not contained in required courses in the degree plan. Elective courses must be above the minimum level required in other areas of the degree program. For example, MATH 102 is not acceptable because it is below the minimum requirement of calculus. Also, introductory courses to another field of study such as BIMS 101 and AGLS 101 will not count toward degree requirements. Lower-level ROTC courses are not acceptable as electives. Please consult an advisor when selecting electives.